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Our advantages :
  • Real time hit counters
  • High reliability of the results
  • Many features available free!
  • Advanced functions at competitive price
  • Search engine tracking
  • Free inclusion in our Directory
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    Search Engine Ranking :
    Get detaild search engine reports for your site!

  • Referring traffic
  • Keywords and keyphrases
  • Conversions and ROI

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    Features and benefits :

    Our service is available in 5 plans, including our free service FreeStat, designed to track 10.000 pages per month.

    FreeStats is not only a hit counter, but a complete site monitorising system, that gives you graphical and numerical reports on the site's activity, details on your visitors, the time they use to spend on your site, information on were are they coming form, wich search words and search phrases they use on the search engines to find your site, and much other.

    In the comparison table below you may see the main features of each version. For more details consult the live demo at this link »

    Comparison table:
      HotStats Promo HotStats Silver HotStats Gold HotStats Platinum HotStats Enterprise
    Price per year € 0.00 € 30.00 € 60.00 € 120.00 € 250.00
    Max. hits per month 10000 25000 50000 100000 200000
    Logged period (days) 60 365 365 365 730
    Records per page 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Max. campaigns 10 50 100
    Invisible tracker
    Main features
    Dymanic pages
    Query string filters
    Text filters
    Reports for custom range
    List size
    Zoom brakedown pages
    URL Alias
    Multiple campaing tracking
    Control panel
    Password protection
    Statistics by e-mail
    Hide summary
    Hide in top sites
    IP or host exclusions
    Easy Upgrade
    Online HelpDesk support
    Attendance reports
    Weekly summary
    Who's on-line?
    Last 50 visits
    Report wizard
    One year summary
    Page views distribution
    Most popular pages
    Entry pages
    Exit pages
    Pages Viewed Once
    Time spent per page
    Referring domains
    Referring URLs
    Search engines
    Keywords by search engine
    Operation systems
    Cookie enabled browsers
    Java enabled browsers
    JavaScript versions
    Screen resolutions
    Color depths
    Visitors ditribution
    Visitors info
    New visitors
    Repeated visitors info
    Visits distribution
    Pages per visit
    Time per visit
    Visit paths
    Site position
    Wrong links
    Campaign tracking
    Campaign visits
    Campaign visitors
    Compare campaings
    Converting entry pages
    Converting keywords

    Nel caso di siti con oltre 200.000 pagine viste al mese possibile fare l'upgrade a piani superiori. I pacchetti successivi avranno le stesse caratteristiche del piano HotStats Enterprise, ma con un numero maggiore di page views al mese come segue:

    Enterprise 300 300.000 page view al mese, € 350+iva/anno
    Enterprise 500 500.000 page view al mese, € 500+iva/anno
    Enterprise 750 750.000 page view al mese, € 650+iva/anno
    Enterprise 1000  1.000.000 page view al mese, € 750+iva/anno

    Per siti con traffico di oltre 1.000.000 pagine al mese possibile valutare soluzioni basati su server dedicati.

    I prezzi sono canoni annui al netto dell'IVA 20%.

    Examples of our trackers :
    View all trackers »
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